Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Craft Time - DIY Kitchen Command Center

           So, as you guys already know, I'm an organizing junkie! I love to organize! It just makes me so happy! At times it can be tedious to organize everything, but once it's done it's just magical! To know exactly where everything is, never having to hunt something down in a mad dash, it's just amazing.

          I had myself a little craft day yesterday and this was one of my many projects that I completed. It's a kitchen command center board. All you need to organize your life is right here on this board! There's a calender, a container for pens and dry erase markers, a weekly menu and shopping plan, post its, and a slot for mail. See, everything you need all in one easy access place! 

         I started out with a big white cardboard/foam board from the Dollar Tree.
 Then I just took a bunch of colorful scrapbook paper and arranged it in fun pattern and glued it onto the board. After that I took some Washi tape (from the Dollar Tree!) and taped over the edges of the board, then I taped over the edges of the scrapbook paper. This way I didn't have to make a perfect cut while cutting the scrapbook paper. It's okay if you're edges are a little crooked because you're going to cover them with tape anyway.

I just went to Pinterest and printed out a pretty black and white calender that I liked. I stapled all the pages together and then pinned it to the board.

Below that I knew I wanted to have a basket/container for pens and markers. I didn't want to put anything too heavy on there, so I had to get creative. I used a command hook plastic box! I cut the top of it, hot glued it the the board, and then went over the edges with a different colored Washi tape. After taping the edges I used Modpodge to attach a pretty vintage label.

I scored the vintage labels off of Pinterest! To check out the rest of them click HERE!

For the middle section I glued a cute quote that I got HERE!

Then I printed out a menu plan/shopping list, stuck it inside of a plastic page protector, then glued it to the board. And that, my friends, makes the perfect dry erase menu board! Yeah, I know, I'm a genius. =)

(You can find TONS of printable menu plans HERE!)

For the last section I cut a manilla envelope to size, taped the sides together, painted it, and then glued it to the board. I went over the sides with some Washi tape and then attached another cute vintage label and wrote "Mail" on it.

I also put a pack of post its on there for writing to do lists or notes.

On the top of this section I put two chalkboard labels for writing notes or putting another cute quote!

Then I just punched a whole in both corners and hung it to the wall with two Command Hooks. So simple!

         This project is so easy to do, and so cheap to make! The best part about this command center is that you can customize it to fit you. Put whatever you want on yours. Get creative!

          Try out this fun little organizational board and let me know what you put on yours!

Find other great kitchen command center boards on Pinterest! JUST CLICK HERE!

**It is okay to feature any of my photos or diy's as long as you provide a link back to my site, or proper credit it given. Thanks in advance!

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