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Hello all you beautiful people out there! My name is Heather Hale-Sammons, I'm 27, happily married (that's the hubs up there in that picture! Isn't he handsome?!!), and I'm from southern West Virginia! I'm a Christian, and I love the Lord! I also love all things food, crafts and books, so you'll find a fun mix of all that on this blog!
I come from a long line of food lovers, therefore I have the utmost appreciation for cooking and food. For that reason, this blog will be jam packed with fun and easy recipes! I love cooking, and I want you guys to love it to! It doesn't have to be hard! You'll be amazed at what delicious dishes you can make with the simplest ingredients. Make friends with your crockpot! It will be your best decision ever!

Crafts and diy's are another hobby I love! Growing up I watched my momma make wreaths, swags, and flower arrangements, so my love for crafting came at a young age. I love to recreate expensive products I see online or in magazines with easy and inexpensive products. I also love making wreaths and rustic signs for my home. 

What can I say about my love for books? I just don't know. There are no words to express how I feel about reading. I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school we had an "Accelerated Reading" program. You picked a book that you wanted to read, read it, and then took a test about the book on the computer. You could get certain points for each book you read, and then there was a rewards program for reaching so many points. That's my earliest reading memory. (It's amazing how you can remember things like that.) I believe that is where my love for reading started. Since then I've only fallen more in love with this  hobby! Young Adult books are my favorite genre to read!

No matter what your interests are, there's an eclectic selection of recipes, crafts, and book reviews on this site to keep you entertained. Feel free to pop in the comments and say hello, or tell me what you thought about my posts. I'm excited to go on this blogging journey, and I hope you follow along with me as I share the things I love with all of you!


***As of January 2016, I've started a Bible Study page on this blog! Join me in fellowship as I learn more about our Savior, and hopefully teach you some new things! <3

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**It is okay to feature one of my photos, recipes, diy's, or book reviews on a site, as long as you provide a link back to my site, or proper credit is given. Thanks in advance!

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