Sunday, March 22, 2015

DIY Prayer Journal

I had never heard of a prayer journal until about a year ago. (I found the idea on Pinterest, of course!) As soon as I came across this idea I just had to make my own. I take it with me to church, to Bible study, or wherever I go to pray or study on my own. It's so great to have all my notes, prayers, confessions, or verses I want to memorize in one convenient little place.

They're are some fantastic sites with prayer journal printables that are amazing, but I just bought a simple $2 notebook from Target and made my own little dividers.

You can customize your journal to fit your liking, but I divided mine into the following categories:

1) Prayers 

I use this section to write down anything that I pray about. I just write like I'm writing a letter directly to God. I always put the date on top, and then whenever one of my prayers gets answered I mark it with a star.

I love going back and reading my answered prayers. It's so humbling to know that I prayed so hard about something and the Lord took the time to answer me. <3

2) Bible Study Notes

This is the section where I write all of my notes from my Bible studies. Every week a group from my church gets together and has Bible study, and this is such a great tool to have whenever you're studying. All your notes are in one place, so if you need to go back and look at something you studies two weeks ago, you just flip a page instead of searching through a gazillion papers. So convenient!

3) Verses To Memorize

I use this section to put new verses that I want to memorize and remember.

4) Verses For Specific Things

In this section I have verses for certain things. For instance, if I need a quick scripture for FAITH, I turn to this section, look up faith, and then next to it I find certain books and verses in the Bible that talk about faith (James 1:6, Hebrews 11:1, or James 2:14).

It's like an index for quick scriptures. It's so convenient to be able to flip to this section whenever I need a quick little scripture to get through my day!

5) Praises

Any answered prayers go in this section. Remember how I said in the first section that I put a star beside any prayers that have been answered, well this is where I recap them and give God the praise He deserves.

It doesn't have to be answered prayers that get put into this section. I also use this section to just thank the Lord for all that he's done for me lately, for all that he's done for my loved ones. 

This is just a simple section where you can thank God for waking you up in the morning! =)

6) Confessions

This is where I write down anything that I feel like I need to confess about. Like if I've been moody lately, if I've said something that I shouldn't have, if I've doubted God. I write that kind of stuff in this section. 

Think of it as a confessional in journal form!

7) Questions

In this section I write down anything that I have a question about. Maybe I read something I didn't quite understand. I just make a note of it, and then the next time I'm at Bible study I flip to this section and ask away.

8) Misc.

This is the last section of my journal, and this is where I write down anything that doesn't have a category. Dreams, bible study tips, the name, date, and book of the sermon my pastor preached on Sunday, lyrics. Anything can go in this section!

I honestly don't know what I ever did without my prayer journal! It has everything I need in one convenient little book!

You don't need a lot of money to make one, like I said before, I used a $2 notebook I found from Target. Two bucks! That's what it cost me to make this, and it's a lifesaver! Instead of having tons of papers with notes on them falling out of my Bible, I just pack this little gem with me!

I would love to see your prayer journals! If you decide to make one, or already  have your own, send me a picture, or post about it in the comments below!

*Also, I found a fantastic Bible study method on Pinterest! It's called the SOAP Method. Click HERE!

*I have an entire board on Pinterest about faith. It has study techniques, scriptures, and all kinds of other fun things. Click HERE! to check it out!

**It is okay to feature any of my photos or diy's as long as you provide a link back to my site, or proper credit it given. Thanks in advance!

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