Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Makeup Organization

This is just a little post on how I organize my makeup. This is strictly an organizational post, and in no way, shape, or form am I trying to show off what I have. If you're looking for a makeup collection video or blog go to Youtube, they have tons on there.

The first picture is of my whole makeup case. It sits perfectly beside my sink in my bathroom. I got the bin at Walmart for $15 to $20. (Oh, and my brushes just sit in a cup on the counter right beside this.)

The second picture is of the organizer on top of the bin. This is where I keep the things I reach for everyday. The back three compartments hold eyeliners and mascaras, jumbo eye shadow pencils, and liquid liners. The middle compartment holds BB creams, moisturizers, primers, and a couple foundations that I use everyday. The bottom compartment holds the eye shadow palette I use everyday, along with lip gloss, a concealer,  an eyelash curler, a sharpener, and some tweezers. I got this organizer from Walmart as well. It was in the office section and was about $9.

The third picture is of the first drawer, which is my "face" drawer. In the back basket I keep my extra foundations, concealers, and face powders. In the front basket I keep my blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. I also just stick my eyebrow stuff right in front of the blush basket.

The fourth picture is of my second drawer, my "lip" drawer. I keep lipsticks in the big basket, lip glosses in the smaller basket, and then lip stains and tube lip glosses in the front.

The fifth picture is of my third drawer, my "eye" drawer. I keep quads and palettes in the big basket,  single shadows in the smaller side basket,  and eye primers and cream shadows in the front.

The sixth picture is of my last drawer, my miscellaneous drawer. That's where I keep extra brushes, makeup bags, my beauty notebook, and extra big palettes. 

The seventh picture is of the sample jar on my counter. Yes, it's an old pickle jar that I cleaned out, and I just throw random samples in there so they're within easy reach.

That covers it. That's how I organize my makeup. I love having everything in it's own place! It makes getting ready so easy! How do you guys organize your makeup? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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